About Me

I was only 9 months old when I discovered the beauty of water when my mum was bathing me and all of a sudden I just started diving like a fish and never stopped. In fact soon after every year my family would travel to Spain and it was literally impossible to get me out of the water. I remember when I used to snorkel alone in a lagoon in Spain with no fish around and merky water but I just loved it so much that I stayed in the water for hours and had to be dragged out of the water. Later in my childhood I used to talk about photography all the time so I got a disposable camera from my grandma for Christmas and I would just walk around the forest photographing birds and trees. Unfortunately all my photos were horrible and I soon lost the interest. It was only when I was 23 years old that I picked up a camera again. This time I got a cheap waterproof digital camera from Sony and traveled to Rhodes Island in Greece. Once again I was disappointed as my photos were just all over the place and I was not impressed.

Having had a passion for the water and traveling for all my life I finally I decided my life wasn’t fulfilled in Finland where I had been living all my life so I moved to Australia and fell in love with the Gold Coast. Straight away I picked up surfing and was loving life in my new home. However, not long after I hurt my back badly and had to stop surfing. Feeling empty and nothing to do I got obsessed with the nature in Queensland and started hiking with a cheap camera in my bag every single weekend. Almost instantly I fell in love with photography for good and started upgrading lenses and other gear. Although, I was loving hiking and photographing waterfalls, I was missing being in the ocean. One day I saw a cool photo of a turtle and then it hit me, I new I needed to start underwater photography and have never looked back ever since. As much as I love to photograph the amazing underwater life and share my work with others, my deepest wish is that nature would have same rights as people and animals lives would be protected just like human rights are protected so that generations to come could see what I see and enjoy our beautiful planet and nature that it holds.